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Medical Industry

For Medical staffs

We have specialty fabrics such as anti-static fabrics that are suitable for medical scrubs. 

Benefits of anti-static fabrics:

- Keeping your scrub dust and lint free.

- Prevent clinging of garment to body and static shock.

- Avoiding interference with sensitive electronic instruments.

- In operating room, it reduce ther risk of injuries due to electric discharge to a conductor leading into the heart of major blood vessels of a patient.


Our medical clients

Epion Clinic

Well known aesthetics clinic Epion Clinic team all black uniform is manufactured by Q U Division.  

The Prenatal Consultants

We did the scrubs ands sonographer's jacket for the newly opened Prenatal Consultants staffs at Mt. Elizabeth Novena.  

Island Group Clinic

Q U Division designed a whole set of new bright and cheerful colour uniforms for the clinic staffs from reception, pharmacist and clinic manager.  

Northeast Medical Group

Made-to-measure Doctors scrub with personalised names.

Changi General Hospical
(ENT Department)

The entire ENT department of Changi General Hospital doctors and professors commissioned Q U Division to design and tailor made a special ceremonial white coat for special medical events and conferences.

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