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Design Consultancy

At Q U Division, one of our main strengths is in our design capabilities whereby our team of professional designers are trained in areas of apparel design and development.


With our skills, we are able to provide design consultancy for clients or government agencies who doesn't want their corporate image be restricted by uniform manufacturers limited scope. We will conceptualise, design and produce a production guideline for clients to outsource their uniform manufacturing with a standard guide developed by Q U Division.

Below are design cases whereby clients engaged our design consultancy services for their uniform needs.

Land Transport Authority
(LTA Singapore)

Through the Gebiz tendering platform, Q U Division won the design bid and developed designs and samples for LTA traffic warden.

As the traffic wardens are outsourced to various providers such as Wilson Parking, Certis Cisco and others. LTA wanted to keep the design consistent so that each vendor is allowed to outsource their uniform production to any manufacturer of their choice yet keeping to the specific design specifications set by Q U Division.

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